Our Technology

Our capacity to produce work, includes work types such as;

  • Ad-hoc wayfinding 
  • Construction projects 
  • Temporary signage 
  • Permanent signage 
  • Event signage 
  • Marketing signage 
  • Vehicle graphics 
  • Small format printing, such as business cards 
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Shopping centre signage
  • Lenticular
  • Restaurant chain signage

If needed, we can quickly scale-up production to meet demand. We can do this as we have a close and effective relationship with the key suppliers of all source materials. 

Although there are many factors that make Mint different from other suppliers, one factor that makes us uniquely different is that where others can only print to a maximum width of 3.2 metres, we are part of an elite few in Queensland that can print up to a maximum of 5.0 metres!


We print: 

  • Almost any length 
  • On almost any material 
  • To the finest detail 
  • For both indoor and outdoor applications 


The investments made in our equipment allow us to provide industry-leading capacity in high quality printing. This provides our clients with cost effective products, where they can then reap the benfits of economiy of scale 

Over the last seven years, we have invested over $4.2 million in equipment; this includes the purchase of the largest flatbed printer in all of Queensland. No other supplier can match that. 



All equipment is located in-house. Therefore, unlike others, we often do not need to out-source which means that the client benefits from our ability to control quality, avoid delays, and minimise cost. 


Our current equipment includes:

Print Equipment 

  • 1 x EPSON SP10600 printer 
    • 1.5m - 1440x1440dpi 
    • Water-based ink 
    • High quality posters, SAV and 
    • canvas/Art prints 
  • 2 x HP DesignJet 26500 
    • 1.6m - 1440 x 1440dpi 
    • Latex ink 
    • High quality stickers and wallpaper wall graphics 
  • 1 x HP Latex 360 
    • 1.6m 1440x1440dpi 
    • Latex ink 
    • High quality stickers and wallpaper wall graphics 
  • 1 x AGFA Jeti Titan HS Hybrid 
    • Flatbed and roll to roll 
    • UV ink 
    • 3.2m x 2m bed 
    • 160m2 per hour 
    • Direct print to flat sheet (corflute, ACM, PVC) 
    • Banner printing 
  • 1 x AGFA Jeti Mira True Flatbed 
    • UV Ink 
    • 3.2m x 2m bed 
    • 1200x1200dpi 7 Picolitre 
    • 248m2 per hour 
    • White ink capability 
    • Print on all flat substrates 
  • 1 x ROLAND RS640 VersaArt 
    • Eco Solvent ink 1440x1440 dpi 
    • 1.6m 
    • Specialised for one-way vision 
  • 1 x HP Scitex5500 
    • UV ink 
    • 5m Grand Format 
    • Billboards, mesh extra-large signage 
    • Cutters and Laminators 
  • 1 x FOTOBA Sheeter 
    • 1.6m 
    • Camera activated sheeting machine 
  • 1 x GRAPHTEC plotter 
    • 1.6m Plotting and cutting machine 
  • 1 x IECHO Router/Cutter 
    • Routes 3.2m x 2.2m bed 
    • Cuts and creases 
    • Camera activated 
    • Cuts 80 boards per hour 
    • Cuts up to 50mm thick substrates 
    • Used for cutting precise shapes in ACM, Acrylic, corflute, timber, pvc etc 
  • 4 x large format laminators 
    • 1.6m 


  • 1 x MILLER Weldmaster T300 
    • In house finishing of kedar, webbing, hemming, joining, pockets etc 
  • 1 x Automatic Eyelet machine 
    • In-house finishing - fast application of stainless-steel eyelets 

Why Choose Mint?

  • Service


    Since 1996, Mint Image (formerly Clegg Media) has been providing 5 star service to clients and customers around Australia.

  • Price


    We manufacture and print in house, resulting in higher cost efficiency for our valued customers and clients.

  • Quality


    With state of the art technology, modern printers and a range of finishing machines, expect nothing less than the highest quality.