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Glass adhesive stickers are the ultimate form of vinyl decals. Also known as transfer stickers, this results in having no background or white edges around the design. It's ideal because it creates a perfect finish. It's popular for using on cars, storefront windows, and adding to objects to create merchandise. Using special coloured vinyl we use computer software to cut out custom shapes while remaining attached to a backing film. The film keeps the design perfectly aligned so no elements become askew. The cut-offs are then hand-peeled from the backing to leave the perfectly cut design.



Our glass stickers are cut from your choice of coloured vinyl. The design is cut using computer software and applied to a backing paper to keep the artwork perfect.

  • No background or white edges
  • Perfectly trimmed stickers
  • Cut to any shape
  • Made from premium quality vinyl



Glass stickers cane be applied to basically any flat surface, such as acrylic, plastic, or metal. They make for great wayfinding signage in the form of door labels, information such as opening hours, logos; just about anything.

  • Storefront stickers
  • Door labels
  • Window decals


Vinyl Colouring

We recommend the use of white vinyl for most decals as it the most visible. However, black vinyl is available as it may be preferred in certain applications, such as applying to a white surface such as tiles or tinted glass. 

If you wish to have your sticker a certain colour, please upload your complete artwork with the cut lines. We will use the colouring on the artwork to produce the coloured stickers. 


Cut Line File Specifications

Please upload your artwork with a separate Cut Line layer - or as a separate page. Magenta is the preferred spot colour to indicate the cut line, though any colour is fine if it is clearly labelled. We prefer PDF, though AI is also acceptable. 

If you have multiple files, please compress them into a zip file to upload.

  • Magenta Cut Lines 
  • Separate layer or page (clearly labelled)
  • PDF preferred (.ai accepted)



Our capabilities include lettering and basic shapes. If your design has any particularly intricate areas, such as thin lines, textures or rough edges, your order may not be perfect. As each shape is cut with a large machine and then later finished by hand, detail-heavy designs are not always pheasible. 

If your design is too detailed, we may be in touch to recommend changes to the artwork such as thickening strokes and making the design larger. If this cannot be done, we will refund and cancel your order. 


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