About Us

Mint Imaging is a proud Australian owned company and is one
of the leading media production suppliers in the market.

With in house manufacturing, we have the capability
to print 5 metres wide by almost any length, on almost any material.
Investment in state of the art technology allows us the versatility
to produce the highest quality print for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Our project management team will oversee all aspects of your job,
big or small.  Our installers can inspect, measure, offer advice and install at most sites nationwide.
We also have an amazing in-house graphic design team ready to add
their creative and professional guidance to your concepts.

Mint Imaging recently acquired Clegg Media, a company founded in 1996
by Colin Clegg, an Australian pioneer in Grandformat printing 

The entrance of Adam Middleton as owner has been
a great asset to the business as he has brought his many years
of experience and a wealth of knowledge from the industry.

We will continue to offer our services throughout
Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands