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Stickers Cut To Shape

Level up your customer experience with stickers, the versatile and fun way to add branding wherever you need it. Our stickers are printed in full colour and precision cut. Our stickers can come in a variety of finishes, with the option of choosing the tackiness of the adhesive. With the option to select singular stickers or a bulk roll at 1.5m in length. 



Our SAV stickers are printed in full colour on premium vinyl, with the choice of matte, satin or gloss finishes. Our stickers are printed and cut by our HP Latex 360 machine that offers high quality image up to 1200dpi, with 6 colours for more colour accuracy. 

  • Full colour printing
  • Precision cut to any size and shape



Stickers can be used for a huge range of applications, and are favourable for small online businesses due to their versatility. They are often used for business merchandise such as car stickers, packaging, store fronts and more. 

  • Packaging
  • Car stickers
  • Retail and POS



Depending on the application, you may need your stickers to be cut out individually (die cut), or supplied on a roll (kiss cut). Die cutting requires an additional process where it's laid on our flatbed cutting machine to cut each sticker, then they are collected and neatly packed. Kiss cutting is more economical and great for retail, while die cutting is great for merchandise or handing out to customers/clients. 

  • Kiss Cut: the stickers are supplied on a sheet that is rolled up. This is more economical and great for retail use.
  • Die Cut: your stickers will be cut out of the roll. This type of finish is best for merchandise, for selling individually and handing out to customers. 

Regular Stickers or Computer Cut Stickers?

This product is considered as a regular sticker, with custom contour cutting. We can cut most simple, geometric shapes ike hearts, circles, stars, etc. If your design includes text or intricate shapes, it might be best suited for Computer Cut Stickers, or Clear Stickers

Computer Cut Stickers don't have a background, involving a process where the sticker is applied with a backing paper to keep the design aligned. This process is commonly used for words, intricate logos, or complex designs where there are seperate elements. The sticker is applied similar that of a band-aid; by removing the sticky layer, applying to the desired surface, and removing the backing paper after. 

If you are unsure about what stickers are best suited for your design, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. 


Have your own artwork?

Have a logo or sticker design already? Use the Upload Existing Artwork function to upload your design. If you have cut lines already - that's great. If not - that's OK too, just write in the notes area anything we might need to know about your design.

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